Reflex X3 Viking© Shock Towericon_red.jpg

Fits Maverick X3 (all X3 72" models) 2 seater/Max 2017-2021.

Reflex X3 Viking© Shock Tower relocates the shocks further up and out from the chassis frame.

 The new shocks position reduces the load and moment on the shocks and springs.

Product advantages

Enhances the suspension performance:

Reduces dramatically the NOSE DIVE EFFECT.

Reduces the X3 SUSPENSION BOTTOMING EFFECT - allowing a better take-off and landing.


Dramatically Enhances the shocks and springs performance. Day and night diffrence on the whoops.

With Reflex Viking Shock Tower no need to do shocks revalving and springs replacement (save $$$$)

Designed to perform at any terrain.

Enhances the suspension performance by sharper cut angle on curving corners.

Remarkably sharper steering and responsiveness.

Reinforcing the frame preventing the collapsing stock shocks mount effect.

Racing proven!

Powder coated, black matte with metal Reflex logo.

Made of ST52, laser cut.

Super easy install with no welding or drilling.

Ship within 7 business days.

3 years Reflex warranty.

Tax free

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